The MS1858S is a single chip for analog CVBS/S-Video to HDMI, which integrated with 9-bit ADC of video and advanced HDMI 1.3 transmitter. 
MS1858S consists of 3D video decode, high performance OSD, DMC, video scalar and high speed analog switch. It also provides frame rate conversion and progressive scan conversion with de-interlace. 
MS1858S can support master mode and slave mode. In master mode, MS1858S can be setup by internal MCU and ROM code, external EEPROM optional for customization. In slave mode, MS1858S can be setup by external controller. Mode selected by the pin.





  Supports CVBS and S-Video

  Support HDMI 1.3 and DVI 1.0

  Supports full format video input NTSC and PAL

  Integrated HDMI 1.3 TMDS core running at 165MHz

  Automatic format & interface detection

  Support 24-bit color depth and resolutions up to 1080P@60Hz

  On-chip 3D decoder/De-interlace/Scalar Module

  Support HDCP via external EEPROM

  Supports Brightness/Contrast/Saturation/Hue adjustment


  Support output resolution up to 1080P@60Hz

  27MHz crystal on board.


Power & Reset

  I2S Interface for external Audio ADC

  On-chip 3.3V&1.8V regulator

  Output 12.288MHz MCLK for audio sample

  On-chip power on reset



  On-chip MCU

  LQFP-100 plastic(14mm×14mm)

  On-chip ROM/RAM/IO/Timer

  PB-free and RoHS

  Internal ROM code and external EEPROM for customization