The MS1830 is a Single Chip RGB to CVBS/S-video Converter with embedded SDRAM. It consists of triple 10bit A/D converters for RGB input, NTSC / PAL encoder with 10-bits D/A for output, which have video enhancement, 3D noise reduction , the brightness, saturation, sharpness and hue are also adjustable to help the designer acquire required video quality, also integrating OSD function.

OEMs can easily design a low cost and high quality system solution by MS1830’s high integration and Software support.


  Analog Input

 Color transition improvement

 10-bit triple ADC

 Dynamic peaking

 Maximum analog sampling rate up to 165MSPS

 Dynamic range expansion

 Support analog input range: 0.45V ~ 1.1V (P-P)

 Brightness, saturation, contrast,HUEadjustment

 Support RGBHV input

 Embedded OSD

 Auto offset/phase adjustment

 Support 1-bit DRCS character mode

 Support input resolution up to 1080P

 Zoom in

 Auto-mode Detection

 One OSD window with alpha-blending

 Auto Position (Blank) Detection

 Output Formatter

 External Memory Controller

 Triple 10-bit DAC for component video output

 Support 2MByte memory size

 Support CVBS and S-Video output

 16-bit data access

 Support NTSC(J,M,4.43) and PAL(B,D,G,H,I,M,N,Nc,60)

 Memory bus speed up to 135MHz

 2-wire I2CSlave Interface



 Independent horizontal and vertical scaling up and down from (1/8)x to 8x

 7mmX7mm48pin plastic TQFP

 Frame rate conversion

 3.3V power supply only

 Video Enhancement

 PB-free and RoHS compliant

 Black/white level expansion